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there’s a swedish saying that “love always starts with a brawl” huhu (〃∇〃)

[eng] L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part02 - #130224



The Impact of the Super Positive-Virus

To our beloved dinosaur, Dongwoo-hyung……
I’m always thinking this, but
I’m really, really glad to have hyung with us.
Because no matter what we do, [like] going somewhere far away,
hyung gives us energy overflowing with vibrancy.

Just by being next to you
the corners of my mouth turn up in a smile
Isn’t this [a case of] Dongwoo-hyung using using magic on us?

At today’s fan meeting and live in Busan, in the middle of what can be called a hurried schedule,
hyung was still always smiling.
When hyung is briefly gone, is when I become tired and
I come to miss hyung’s super positive-virus.
When I’m content, too, hyung’s super positive-virus becomes a full-body contagion
It’s strongly poisonous, did you know?

Stay with us, because the impact of that positive-virus
through my whole life, I want to bask my whole body in it~!


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Anonymous:Hi! Are you looking for new admins by any chance?

If you come off anon we can surely talk about it o/

dongwoo helping myungsoo get water for his sore throat

hoewonton:It's 4 am and my friend and I just lurked your entire blog and liked everything and now I'm drowning I'm a pit of despair. Can I have a cookie to ease my pain please??? I regret nothing ;_; thank you, you beautiful creature. I'm in pain and its your fault but thank you /cries <3 <3 <3 ////weeps

I know those feels, trust me but I don’t have a cookie and I do better at inflicting pain so….


hoewonton:Your blog is beautiful let me love you x500000000000

(“⌒∇⌒”) Ready for love~

toofast-tolive-tooyoung-todie:So I just lurked and liked your whole blog and it's almost 4AM and I have no regrets.

I think you just unlocked an achievement


myungsoo playing with the ends of dongwoo’s hair ≧◡≦


DongSoo doing………..something